F&T Goodwin has just finished a job with a difference at a power storage facility in East Anglia.

Over the last 10 months, Dyer & Butler has been transforming a disused brownfield site at Ipswich Docks. The contract involved dealing with contaminated land, followed by the installation of 96 Bio Diesel Generators – which will provide electricity to 10,000 homes when solar and wind power sources cannot meet demand, primarily in the winter months. The 96 generators are located on 12 tiers, in rows of eight, which required extensive preparation in terms of support and stability.

The area then required groundworks, with surfacing to highways standards from F&T Goodwin, who worked around a number of challenges such as road gulleys and raised ironwork.

Declan Walsh is the site agent and was really pleased with the F&T Goodwin team. He said: “The guys were very effective throughout with excellent health & safety standards. The provision of method statements for hand laying and machine laying, risk assessments and competency cards were all delivered efficiently. Everyone knew their job. They were a good team – and I was especially impressed with how little waste there was. Materials were really well measured, which was great to see.”

Dyer & Butler build, maintain and renew infrastructure within both the public and private sector, delivering engineering services and building projects across numerous sectors.

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